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Download FormHack

We are offering our sofware for testing site security - FormHack. It is an analogue of wide-known Brutus AET and WWWHack. Application is specialized on cracking web form authorization pages.

Formhack is freeware application. You can download it using button below. The application shows ad units on the tab About to compensate our development.

You can support the development of the project by transferring funds to one of our bank accounts. Click here or on the Donate banner for details.

You can find samples of FormHack usage on this page. Please Contact us if you have some notes about our application and/or have ideas on how to make it better.

Attention: Please note that FormHack was developed only as a security test tool. We are assuming that you will use it only for your sites or for sites for which such testing is approved. We are not responsible for the use of software to gain unauthorized access to sites!

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